Timo EuropeTrack

A sneak peek in Timo’s acquisition world

On a regular basis, one of our employees introduce themselves and today it’s Timo’s turn. He is always searching for the best fleet management solution. Continue reading to find out what he likes about working at EuropeTrack and what motivates him to keep getting better.

A busy bee

Getting to know new people, explore all parts of the Netherlands and finding the best solutions for everyone. That are my daily activities for EuropeTrack. But who am I? As long as I can remember I am an absolute car fan. I follow all updates and news facts about the automotive industry on a daily basis. I also frequently visit the largest car fairs around Europe and I like to dream about cars that I would like to own one day.

Searching for the best solution

We continuously innovate and make new features available to make fleet management as fun and efficient as possible. This is what makes my job so much fun. I frequently talk to other people who are passionate about cars to find the best solutions for fleet management. Because of my connections in this industry, we can often help each other out.


On a daily basis I drive from place to place to maintain relationships and to convince prospects with our qualities. This way I get to do what I love: driving. Relaxing, getting to enjoy the different views and to be productive while getting to the next location.


The road to succes

Three years ago, I started at EuropeTrack as a student with an energetic side job. Since then, we both have grown and I steel get a lot of energy of all the conversations I have with customers, prospects and colleagues.


This is why I do not only want to thank existing relationships for the confidence over the last three years, but also want to welcome new potential customers. Would you like to discuss the possibilities for your fleet? Let’s get together and talk!

wagenpark verbeteren

5 tips to improve your fleet management

The size of your fleet is not important, what is important is that you maintain it properly. Good fleet management will be beneficial in the long run: your fleet will be more efficient and you will lower your costs. With these 5 tips you can easily improve your fleet management.

Train your employees

To manage your fleet properly, it is key to have your employees cooperating. You will get cooperation by giving them the tools that they need to contribute. Make rules and offer courses to teach them how to drive safe and without damage.

Save fuel by green driving

Green driving saves a lot of fuel costs. Train your employees to drive neat by letting go of the accelerator pedal on time and not accelerate too fast. In addition, make sure that your employees turn of the ignition and not keep it idling.


More insights in fuel costs? Connect your fuel card and get more insights in the driving behaviour with our driving behaviour module.

Maintenance insights

By making a clear overview of your maintenance appointments you will never forget an appointment again and you can take those appointments into account while scheduling your vehicles.

Plan your vehicles as efficient as possible

Planning efficiently is easy by assigning the employee who is closest to an urgent job. By looking at the capacity of the vehicles, you can easily reduce costs. The easiest way to do this, is by reducing the amount of driven miles. This saves on both maintenance- and fuel costs.

Choose EuropeTrack

Managing your fleet gets even easier with our all in one package. Employees don’t have to write down their mileage anymore, because you can easily download an overview of the mileage by pushing only one button. You can also track your vehicles through the UK and Europe and see the driven routes. By extending the all in one package with our driving behaviour module, you can easily get insights in the daily driving behaviour of your employees and the fuel costs.

The biggest anoyments of drivers on the road

The more time you spend behind the wheel, the easier you get irritated. And often, it’s a chainreaction; one irritation from another driver leads to an action that is also an irritation for drivers. In this blog we made a list of the biggest anoyments of drivers.

Lack of blinker usage

Not everyone uses their blinkers before they switch lanes, this is not always necessary, but when there are other vehicles in the surrounded area it is a must. Switching lanes, without using your blinkers, can be unexpected for other drivers.

The ones who are occupied with their phone

Not only is it dangerous, but the driver also slow down the traffic behind them which causes a slight delay. This is because they tend to drive slower or start driving later in front of the green traffic light.

Driving under influence

This irritation also brings other drivers in danger. Unfortunately, this behaviour does not always stand out. You only notice this when they are driver

Slow drivers

Especially when they drive on the fast lane, but also a single lane road. This is not only annoying, but also dangerous if the driver is going too slow. Driving slow also causes another annoyment; tailgating.  


To be fair, almost everyone has tailgated at least once. Nevertheless, it is super annoying when someone else is tailgating your. Especially when there is a slower car in front of  you.

Collate at the last moment

Nothing as annoying as drivers who wait until the last moment to collate, while it is barely possible. Especially when they had plenty space earlier. This is not only rude, but can also cause a dangerous situation for the drivers behind since you have to hit your brake.

Aggressive behaviour

Aggressive behaviour is often a combination of multiple irritations illustrated above, including tailgating and passing on the wrong side.

Driving without your lights on

The last irritating point on the list is something probably everybody has forgotten by accident, but can cause big accidents. Luckily more and more vehicles have automatic lighting so that less people are driving without lighting in the dark.

Five tips to save on fuel costs

Fuel is a high cost for many companies, especially when you have many vehicles driving many miles. By driving more neat, you will already save 10% on fuel. Tips to save fuel are thus always welcome. The tips we will give you in this blog, are even easy to implement.

Take care of your engine

A healthy engine does not only reduce your chance to get your car in trouble, but also helps you to lower your fuel usage.

Don’t hit the break right away

Participating while driving is very important and can work in your advantage if you want to save on fuel costs. Let go of your accelerator pedal when you see they are slowing down in front of you, or when the traffic light turns red. Hitting the break first and give accelerate to compensate afterwards costs extra fuel.

Stabilize your speed

Try to get gradually up to speed instead of going fast very quickly. By keeping on a continuous speed, your engine will be less burdened and will result in a lower fuel usage. These days many cars have cruise control, if you have, don’t be afraid to use it.

check your tire pressure

It is best to check your tire pressure every two to three months. A correct tire pressure shortens your braking distance and thus a lower fuel usage.

park backwards

This tip might sound odd at first, but a cold engine uses more fuel than a warm engine. And since driving backwards costs more fuel than driving forwards, you double the fuel usage if you leave your parking spot backwards.


For many organisations with company vehicles, controlling the driving behaviour isn’t easy. With our all in one premium package you can save fuel. You see the ridden routes which makes you able to plan your routes more efficient. But you can also see the driving behaviour of your employees. This way you have insight in how hard they hit the break, how fast they accelerate and the speed they had. Challenge them to be better drivers and save on fuel costs.

A day on the road with one of our fitters

Our mounting specialists drive across the country to install our EuropeTracker at your prefered location. One of our Dutch specialists takes you with him during his working week and tells you about his working activities at EuropeTrack.

peace and quiet on the road

One of the most common questions is if my work is lonely, but I don’t think so! I speak to my colleagues at the office regularly and I meet the most outstanding people during the day. One of the coolest things is to see that existing customers are growing and since I mount the EuropeTrackers in the new vehicle(s), I get to connect with them more often. Besides, while being on my way, I get to do what I want: listening to my own music and cruising throughout the Netherlands.

Every day is different

My work as mounter at EuropeTrack is very diverse. I am, for example, in the north of The Netherlands on monday, and in the south on tuesday. My colleagues at the office plan every appointment as efficient as possible. This way, every day is full with new customers and different locations. I like this way of working because I have more time to occupy on our customers.

Working together

The most fun working days for me are the ones that I work together with one of the other specialists on a big and/ or difficult job. We often work on the same location where we can mount 40 EuropeTrackers into the vehicles. Working together with other specialists makes our job easier because you can go a lot faster and help each other out. It also works best for our customers: if we are done quickers, they can go back to work sooner. Besides, we can catch up this way and talk about the newest hardware.

Support ster Remco

A workday in the life of our support hero

Every month one of our employees describes a day in their workweek for our blog. Today it’s Remco’s turn. He has the answer to every question and adds the right firmware to each EuropeTracker.

A good start of the day

I start the day with an espresso and then open the ticket system. I solve these tickets, together with my mail, first thing in the morning. These tickets are mainly from existing customers who would like to extend their fleet or are replacing a vehicle.

Efficiency is key

While making these new appointments for installations of the EuropeTrackers, I always look at the postal code area in The Netherlands. This way our fitters are planned as efficient as possible. This way we can not only make more appointments per day to make customers happy, but this also lowers our carbon footprint.

In the UK we have several fitting partners like Hyde Park Corner. When our customers on the other side of the North Sea would like to expand, I make sure that one of our fitting partners is making an appointment with that specific customer.

Always finding the best solution for the customer, together with the customer

I am constantly in touch with our customers for explaining them new features and how they can optimize their usage on our platform. In addition to that, I brainstorm together with our customers about the best personalized solutions for their fleet. We have for example, build a ‘panic button’ up on request and we have developed the newest technology for trailers.

Time flies when you are a busy bee

After the lunch break it’s time to start working with our EuropeTrackers. I supply them with the newest firmware and modifications. This way, the EuropeTrackers are ready for our fitters to install. Since we have the whole process inhouse, there is always room for improvement and adding new features. Together with our customers we love to find new features to implement and thus improve the user experience everyday.