A day on the road with one of our fitters

Our mounting specialists drive across the country to install our EuropeTracker at your prefered location. One of our Dutch specialists takes you with him during his working week and tells you about his working activities at EuropeTrack.

peace and quiet on the road

One of the most common questions is if my work is lonely, but I don’t think so! I speak to my colleagues at the office regularly and I meet the most outstanding people during the day. One of the coolest things is to see that existing customers are growing and since I mount the EuropeTrackers in the new vehicle(s), I get to connect with them more often. Besides, while being on my way, I get to do what I want: listening to my own music and cruising throughout the Netherlands.

Every day is different

My work as mounter at EuropeTrack is very diverse. I am, for example, in the north of The Netherlands on monday, and in the south on tuesday. My colleagues at the office plan every appointment as efficient as possible. This way, every day is full with new customers and different locations. I like this way of working because I have more time to occupy on our customers.

Working together

The most fun working days for me are the ones that I work together with one of the other specialists on a big and/ or difficult job. We often work on the same location where we can mount 40 EuropeTrackers into the vehicles. Working together with other specialists makes our job easier because you can go a lot faster and help each other out. It also works best for our customers: if we are done quickers, they can go back to work sooner. Besides, we can catch up this way and talk about the newest hardware.