Timo EuropeTrack

A sneak peek in Timo’s acquisition world

On a regular basis, one of our employees introduce themselves and today it’s Timo’s turn. He is always searching for the best fleet management solution. Continue reading to find out what he likes about working at EuropeTrack and what motivates him to keep getting better.

A busy bee

Getting to know new people, explore all parts of the Netherlands and finding the best solutions for everyone. That are my daily activities for EuropeTrack. But who am I? As long as I can remember I am an absolute car fan. I follow all updates and news facts about the automotive industry on a daily basis. I also frequently visit the largest car fairs around Europe and I like to dream about cars that I would like to own one day.

Searching for the best solution

We continuously innovate and make new features available to make fleet management as fun and efficient as possible. This is what makes my job so much fun. I frequently talk to other people who are passionate about cars to find the best solutions for fleet management. Because of my connections in this industry, we can often help each other out.


On a daily basis I drive from place to place to maintain relationships and to convince prospects with our qualities. This way I get to do what I love: driving. Relaxing, getting to enjoy the different views and to be productive while getting to the next location.


The road to succes

Three years ago, I started at EuropeTrack as a student with an energetic side job. Since then, we both have grown and I steel get a lot of energy of all the conversations I have with customers, prospects and colleagues.


This is why I do not only want to thank existing relationships for the confidence over the last three years, but also want to welcome new potential customers. Would you like to discuss the possibilities for your fleet? Let’s get together and talk!