Support ster Remco

A workday in the life of our support hero

Every month one of our employees describes a day in their workweek for our blog. Today it’s Remco’s turn. He has the answer to every question and adds the right firmware to each EuropeTracker.

A good start of the day

I start the day with an espresso and then open the ticket system. I solve these tickets, together with my mail, first thing in the morning. These tickets are mainly from existing customers who would like to extend their fleet or are replacing a vehicle.

Efficiency is key

While making these new appointments for installations of the EuropeTrackers, I always look at the postal code area in The Netherlands. This way our fitters are planned as efficient as possible. This way we can not only make more appointments per day to make customers happy, but this also lowers our carbon footprint.

In the UK we have several fitting partners like Hyde Park Corner. When our customers on the other side of the North Sea would like to expand, I make sure that one of our fitting partners is making an appointment with that specific customer.

Always finding the best solution for the customer, together with the customer

I am constantly in touch with our customers for explaining them new features and how they can optimize their usage on our platform. In addition to that, I brainstorm together with our customers about the best personalized solutions for their fleet. We have for example, build a ‘panic button’ up on request and we have developed the newest technology for trailers.

Time flies when you are a busy bee

After the lunch break it’s time to start working with our EuropeTrackers. I supply them with the newest firmware and modifications. This way, the EuropeTrackers are ready for our fitters to install. Since we have the whole process inhouse, there is always room for improvement and adding new features. Together with our customers we love to find new features to implement and thus improve the user experience everyday.