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A sneak peek in Timo’s acquisition world

On a regular basis, one of our employees introduce themselves and today it’s Timo’s turn. He is always searching for the best fleet management solution. Continue reading to find out what he likes about working at EuropeTrack and what motivates him to keep getting better. A busy bee Getting to know new people, explore all […]

5 tips to improve your fleet management

The size of your fleet is not important, what is important is that you maintain it properly. Good fleet management will be beneficial in the long run: your fleet will be more efficient and you will lower your costs. With these 5 tips you can easily improve your fleet management. Train your employees To manage […]

The biggest anoyments of drivers on the road

The more time you spend behind the wheel, the easier you get irritated. And often, it’s a chainreaction; one irritation from another driver leads to an action that is also an irritation for drivers. In this blog we made a list of the biggest anoyments of drivers. Lack of blinker usage Not everyone uses their […]

Five tips to save on fuel costs

Fuel is a high cost for many companies, especially when you have many vehicles driving many miles. By driving more neat, you will already save 10% on fuel. Tips to save fuel are thus always welcome. The tips we will give you in this blog, are even easy to implement. Take care of your engine […]

A day on the road with one of our fitters

Our mounting specialists drive across the country to install our EuropeTracker at your prefered location. One of our Dutch specialists takes you with him during his working week and tells you about his working activities at EuropeTrack. peace and quiet on the road One of the most common questions is if my work is lonely, […]

A workday in the life of our support hero

Every month one of our employees describes a day in their workweek for our blog. Today it’s Remco’s turn. He has the answer to every question and adds the right firmware to each EuropeTracker. A good start of the day I start the day with an espresso and then open the ticket system. I solve […]