Five tips to save on fuel costs

Fuel is a high cost for many companies, especially when you have many vehicles driving many miles. By driving more neat, you will already save 10% on fuel. Tips to save fuel are thus always welcome. The tips we will give you in this blog, are even easy to implement.

Take care of your engine

A healthy engine does not only reduce your chance to get your car in trouble, but also helps you to lower your fuel usage.

Don’t hit the break right away

Participating while driving is very important and can work in your advantage if you want to save on fuel costs. Let go of your accelerator pedal when you see they are slowing down in front of you, or when the traffic light turns red. Hitting the break first and give accelerate to compensate afterwards costs extra fuel.

Stabilize your speed

Try to get gradually up to speed instead of going fast very quickly. By keeping on a continuous speed, your engine will be less burdened and will result in a lower fuel usage. These days many cars have cruise control, if you have, don’t be afraid to use it.

check your tire pressure

It is best to check your tire pressure every two to three months. A correct tire pressure shortens your braking distance and thus a lower fuel usage.

park backwards

This tip might sound odd at first, but a cold engine uses more fuel than a warm engine. And since driving backwards costs more fuel than driving forwards, you double the fuel usage if you leave your parking spot backwards.


For many organisations with company vehicles, controlling the driving behaviour isn’t easy. With our all in one premium package you can save fuel. You see the ridden routes which makes you able to plan your routes more efficient. But you can also see the driving behaviour of your employees. This way you have insight in how hard they hit the break, how fast they accelerate and the speed they had. Challenge them to be better drivers and save on fuel costs.