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5 tips to improve your fleet management

The size of your fleet is not important, what is important is that you maintain it properly. Good fleet management will be beneficial in the long run: your fleet will be more efficient and you will lower your costs. With these 5 tips you can easily improve your fleet management.

Train your employees

To manage your fleet properly, it is key to have your employees cooperating. You will get cooperation by giving them the tools that they need to contribute. Make rules and offer courses to teach them how to drive safe and without damage.

Save fuel by green driving

Green driving saves a lot of fuel costs. Train your employees to drive neat by letting go of the accelerator pedal on time and not accelerate too fast. In addition, make sure that your employees turn of the ignition and not keep it idling.


More insights in fuel costs? Connect your fuel card and get more insights in the driving behaviour with our driving behaviour module.

Maintenance insights

By making a clear overview of your maintenance appointments you will never forget an appointment again and you can take those appointments into account while scheduling your vehicles.

Plan your vehicles as efficient as possible

Planning efficiently is easy by assigning the employee who is closest to an urgent job. By looking at the capacity of the vehicles, you can easily reduce costs. The easiest way to do this, is by reducing the amount of driven miles. This saves on both maintenance- and fuel costs.

Choose EuropeTrack

Managing your fleet gets even easier with our all in one package. Employees don’t have to write down their mileage anymore, because you can easily download an overview of the mileage by pushing only one button. You can also track your vehicles through the UK and Europe and see the driven routes. By extending the all in one package with our driving behaviour module, you can easily get insights in the daily driving behaviour of your employees and the fuel costs.