The biggest anoyments of drivers on the road

The more time you spend behind the wheel, the easier you get irritated. And often, it’s a chainreaction; one irritation from another driver leads to an action that is also an irritation for drivers. In this blog we made a list of the biggest anoyments of drivers.

Lack of blinker usage

Not everyone uses their blinkers before they switch lanes, this is not always necessary, but when there are other vehicles in the surrounded area it is a must. Switching lanes, without using your blinkers, can be unexpected for other drivers.

The ones who are occupied with their phone

Not only is it dangerous, but the driver also slow down the traffic behind them which causes a slight delay. This is because they tend to drive slower or start driving later in front of the green traffic light.

Driving under influence

This irritation also brings other drivers in danger. Unfortunately, this behaviour does not always stand out. You only notice this when they are driver

Slow drivers

Especially when they drive on the fast lane, but also a single lane road. This is not only annoying, but also dangerous if the driver is going too slow. Driving slow also causes another annoyment; tailgating.  


To be fair, almost everyone has tailgated at least once. Nevertheless, it is super annoying when someone else is tailgating your. Especially when there is a slower car in front of  you.

Collate at the last moment

Nothing as annoying as drivers who wait until the last moment to collate, while it is barely possible. Especially when they had plenty space earlier. This is not only rude, but can also cause a dangerous situation for the drivers behind since you have to hit your brake.

Aggressive behaviour

Aggressive behaviour is often a combination of multiple irritations illustrated above, including tailgating and passing on the wrong side.

Driving without your lights on

The last irritating point on the list is something probably everybody has forgotten by accident, but can cause big accidents. Luckily more and more vehicles have automatic lighting so that less people are driving without lighting in the dark.